Forever Fund

What Is The Forever Fund?

The Forever Fund was created to serve as the backbone of our community, by providing long-term funding to our local United Way. This fund serves two purposes, 1) Emergency community funding, when needed; and 2) Support funding for United Way to ensure their work is sustainable over time.


How Does The Forever Fund Work?



How Does It Help The Community?

The Forever Fund is both a financial safety net and a resource for times of community crisis. By contributing to the Forever Fund, you are investing in the long-term well-being of our community. The fund will provide essential Basic Needs, Health, and Education resources.

How Is It Different From The Community Campaign?

The United Way appreciates your loyal continued support. A gift to the Forever Fund is a way to ensure that your support never ends. A gift to the annual campaign impacts lives today and a gift to the Forever Fund impacts lives forever. 

How Does It Benefit You?

Your contribution to the Forever Fund is tax-deductible! And, depending on how you give, maximum tax benefits may be realized. Using the tax benefits allowed, you can make a long-term impact on our community, providing you with a practical way to leave a legacy while managing your finances wisely.



What Are My Giving Options?

The Forever Fund offers you streamlined giving opportunities to have an impact on issues today, while helping create solutions for tomorrow.

Fund Fact:

A one-time gift to the Forever Fund allows you to continue giving annual gifts to the United Way of Bemidji Area!  A donation of $10,000 will generate $500 annually, forever!



Direct Gifts

Through a direct gift to the Forever Fund, you immediately ensure that United Way will continue to meet the future health, education, and basic needs of your community.



Bequests in Will or Trust

If you're interested in making a lasting impact, a bequest might be the perfect option. A bequest allows you to support our mission through your will or trust, potentially offering significant tax benefits by reducing the taxable portion of your estate.


IRA for United Way

Instead of cash, many supporters are choosing to donate their appreciated stock directly to us because it allows you to supercharge our efforts to build stronger communities and create lasting change—at less of a cost to you. Donating stocks allows you to avoid capital gains tax and often take a charitable deduction for the full value of the asset.



Let us assist you in customizing your charitable contribution to align with your financial, tax, or estate planning goals.



Denae Alamano, Executive Director