Week of Caring: Friday




Watch the videos below to learn more about the United Way's work with education in our community.



Did you enjoy science in school as a child?  Why or why not?  Did you/do you enjoy visiting museums as a child and/or with your family? 

Formal education takes place in the classroom and is very important, but informal education takes place in the home, at a science center, in the grocery store, and really just about anywhere!  In addition, informal education is also called “playing!”  Playing and exploring the world around us is one important way that children learn. 

Can you think of a time that you learned about how gravity worked?  Or what happens when you mix baking soda and vinegar?  Why do you think informal learning is important?




Science doesn’t have to be complicated or require expensive equipment.  There are many experiments and demonstrations that can be done safely in the kitchen.  Try making a lava lamp using common household ingredients





Visit the Headwaters Science Center’s website and watch a couple of their Science Live Videos to learn more about a topic that interests you and your family/group. 

Share what you learned on social media using the hashtag: #FunLearningFriday #BemidjiUnitedInCaring . 

Help the Science Center out by letting families know that the center has reopened with limited hours and with COVID precautions in place.  


Share your care by using the hashtag #BemidjiUnitedInCaring on social media.